Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rotten Apples

I was thinking today about rotten apples. Don’t throw away the whole thing because it has a bruised spot. You can save most of the apple that begins to spoil by cutting off that piece. The rest can make a great pie. My mother made the best apple pies in the whole world and the apples were chosen carefully!

But I thought of rotten apples in connection with this year's commencement address, given last weekend, at the University of San Francisco.

The address was given by the Speaker of the House. She spoke glowingly of Senator Leo McCarthy, who did so many great things for California: “McCarthy's honorary degree citation states, ‘Throughout his political career, Leo T. McCarthy was a champion of social and economic justice, and he pursued an agenda to educate children; protect the environment; and safeguard the rights and healthcare of the aged and the infirmed, farm workers, nursing home residents, and minorities.’”

The bruised part of this bright apple was Leo’s championing of abortion. Kudos to him for his work to educate children, and the good he accomplished; but for the unborn children he had no concern.

So sad! A man of his stature and power could have done so much to promote the culture of life, but he chose the other road.

Pray for Leo for the good he has done, and pray for him to help make up for the terrible abortion laws he promoted. That part of the apple has to be cut away; we can help by our prayers and our promotion of the culture of life.

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