Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes, it can be done.

Good Archbishop Burke of St. Louis shows the way.

"Burke's efforts lead to biggest Catholic ordination class in decades"

From STLtoday.com:

"A bishop's principal responsibility is to provide priests for the people in his pastoral care," (Archbishop Raymond) Burke said in an interview last week from Rome. Ordinations have to be absolutely right at the top of my priorities."

During a Vatican meeting just months before his death in 2004, Pope John Paul II told Burke and other Midwest bishops to do more to increase the number of men training for the priesthood.

And what do the seminarians say?

"He stands for truth when he knows that's not going to be easy," (Deacon Edward) Nemeth said, "so we know he'll support us when we have to do the same."

h/t Curt Jester

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