Friday, January 11, 2013

Marching For Marriage and the Family in Paris!

This year, our friends over at the Marche Pour le Respect de la Vie, the Parisian sister march to the Walk for Life West Coast, will become part of the enormous event in Paris called the Grande Marche Nationale et Unitare. The Grand Marche is held this Sunday in protest of the French government's attempt to impose counterfeit marriage on society.

On January 12, before the Marche there will be a vigil for marriage and the family at the church of St. Francois-Xavier in Paris. They have received a letter of support from the Holy Father!

We send our love and prayers to our French comrades as they fight for the marriage and the family!

UPDATE: Same-sex Attracted Frenchman Gets the Issue

Today, the National Organization for Marriage blog posts quotes from same-sex attracted Frenchmen who have come out in opposition to same-sex "marriage." These men are good citizens: they put the common good of their society first. Here is one, from a man named Jean Pier:

"I am a documentary author for TV and I'm homosexual.
I have to wonder, "who's this law for?" I say to myself, "Is it made for homosexuals?" I live in Provence and I work in Paris. I know very few homosexuals who wish to marry beyond the PACS (civil unions) they already have. In fact, the number of people in PACS unions in France, couples of the same sex, is minimal. Therefore, who's this law for? If it's for the 5,000 people who live in the district of Le Marrais, then it's just a militant act. But behind it all, it must be a question of the child.
I've had this business of freedom and equality. Then I pose this question: What of the freedom and equality of the child? The child won't have its equality vis-a-vis its friends in school. Its peers may have divorced and blended families, but they have, at least, a father and mother."

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