Friday, February 1, 2013

Long Story/Interview with ABC in San Francisco Magazine / MHR used for "Balance"

There's a six or seven page article about our great Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (ABC) in San Francisco Magazine. You can read it here.

"He owns his message, and he does not equivocate, occasionally expressing indignation that so many others can’t accept what he sees so clearly. “The teaching authority comes from Christ and the gospel,” he says. “It doesn’t mean we simply go with the latest idea floating through society.” On abortion, he has no question that society is letting women down. The solution to an unwanted pregnancy isn’t to “snuff that life out,” he says, slapping his hand on the table. “It’s not only a violation of that life, it’s also a violation of that woman.” And with gay marriage, there is no gray area, no place for so-called cafeteria Catholics, picking and choosing which doctrines suit them. He scoffs at the idea of flexibility. As the Pope stressed in his Christmas message in December, gay marriage is an “attack” on family and the “very notion of...what being human really means.” Cordileone couldn’t agree more."
God bless him! A true shepherd.

The magazine also makes the apparently obligatory pilgrimage over to the counter-cathedral in the Castro, Most Holy Redeemer parish, where they get quotes from a lady named Roz Gallo, a same-sex "married" parishioner who used to serve as the parish council president.

His Excellency was also interviewed in the Catholic Herald UK.

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