Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bishops ask: Pray and Fast for those Challenging the HHS Mandate

Yesterday we posted about the exemption granted by Justice Sotomayor to the Little Sisters of the Poor and some other groups. But we noted there are plenty of others who have not received that relief--Notre Dame University, for one.

This week's intention for the U. S. Catholic Bishops campaign for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty is for those challenging the HHS mandate. Here is the bishop's email:

"We pray that all those who are challenging the HHS mandate - whether family-owned businesses or non-profit service ministries - would have the strength to keep fighting for religious freedom. 

This week, we continue to celebrate the
Christmas Season, a time when we can reflect on the roots of our faith. It is a time when our faith becomes especially visible to the outside world, whether we decorate our yard with a beautiful Nativity scene or our home with a brightly-lit Christmas tree. When we consider how difficult it is to be Christian in some parts of the world, we are especially grateful for the gift of religious freedom in this country.

 Unfortunately, however, this freedom has come under threat lately. The federal government has chosen this
January 1 to begin implementing its nationwide mandate forcing most Catholic universities, hospitals, and service ministries to violate Church teaching or face devastating fines. Faith-based organizations like these seek to practice what they preach. That is, they seek to live out the Gospel mandate to serve those whom Christ called 'these least brothers of mine' (Mt. 25:40) while adhering to the tenets of our faith-including promoting the sanctity of human life. We pray that the courts will uphold our ability to live out the Gospel in its entirety!"

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