Friday, August 8, 2014

Second SF Demonstration for Iraqi Christians: Press Shows Up

Today, American Assyrian Christians and their supporters marched in solidarity with the Christians and other abused minorities in Iraq and Syria. The demonstration began at 11AM at San Francisco's UN Plaza, followed by a march to the Federal Building.

This time the press covered the event, something they did not do (except for an article we wrote, published by the good people at California Catholic Daily) at Saturday's larger demonstration. The San Francisco Chronicle covered the event, and Mark Matthews from NBC Bay Area was there too. That will probably appear on this evenings newscast. Here are some pictures from the event:

Mark Matthews of NBC Bay Area intervieing His Excellency Bishop Royel.

The people are very passionate--many have relatives there.

An older lady with family in Iraq. She was mad at the UN, the Pope, and President Obama for not doing enough. It's easy to understand her anger.

More protesters arrive at the plaza.

The demonstrators were of all ages.

The crowd grew--I'd say about 300 people, a lot smaller than last Saturday's demonstration. It's easier to get people on the weekend, of course.

Sr. Ignatius, RSHM, with some young women from USF.

Another shot of His Excellency Bishop Royel.

Ron Konopaski, the leader of San Francisco's 40 Days for Life campaign.

More media. Not sure who they were.

Preparing to march to the Federal Building.

A reminder from Our Lord.

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