Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court v. Reality

The American Supreme Court has repeated the error of Roe v. Wade: they have overruled tens of millions of citizens and have forced a non-reality upon an unwilling populace. And, like Roe v. Wade, the action guarantees ongoing conflict.

But God is writing straight with crooked lines. Many Catholics have left the faith, and the culture of the West needs to be Evangelized. Catholicism is about reality. Catholicism is Reality. By allowing the ongoing cultural embrace of non-reality, God is opening up an avenue for us to reach our brothers and sisters. As a non-Catholic cleric said "we must offer our views until the time comes when our friends and neighbours, their doctrines broken on the anvil of reality, are humbled enough to listen."

We have often referred to same-sex ‘marriage’ as ‘counterfeit marriage.’ That's insufficient. To counterfeit a thing requires a belief in the thing’s reality. We live in a time when our so-called ‘elites’ believe that reality itself is defined by the perceiver. Theirs may be the first culture in history using solipsism as a guiding principle.

It is suggestive that same-sex 'marriage' coincided with the waning of marriage to an unprecedented low point. The people who believe that same-sex 'marriage' exists do because they no longer believe in marriage.

It is also suggestive that same-sex ‘marriage’ coincided with the popularization of ‘virtual reality.’ Although the term only became widely used with the coming of computers, it was actually coined by the influential (and mentally ill) French dramatist Antonin Artaud in 1938. For Artaud, “imagination was reality.” Sound familiar?

This man imagines he’s a woman:

This woman imagines she’s black:

These guys imagine they’re married:

Our 'elites' accept these things as true. Normal people don't. If they weren’t so destructive, one could almost feel for the LGBT activists. Their ‘victory’ required the redefinition of reality, but they’re not the only ones who can play that game. Look at those pictures: all you can do is laugh.

Same-sex ‘marriages’ themselves will have little import: only a small portion of the 3% of Americans who are same-sex attracted will choose to avail themselves of it. The problem of course is the warping of society as misguided people try to twist others into accommodating the false reality

For us lay Christians, our job as always is to defend and preach reality, which is Christ: the Logos--the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

For our hierarchy, as Archbishop Cordileone has said, their job is to remain true to Christ, and above all to protect the reality of the faith from the heretics who are attempting to redefine it. That’s why his leadership in trying to re-Catholicize our schools is so important. 

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