Sunday, July 1, 2007

Instruct and Warn

“Obstinately” pro abortion Catholic politicians, after being duly instructed and warned “must” be denied Communion.

The large number of “Catholic” politicians who vote for the culture of death can not claim to lack due instructions as to where the Church stands on the question of abortion.

As to the warning clause, I would pray that our bishops get together and speak with a united front, and enforce the teaching received from the Holy Office.

Simple enough: Catholic politicians who support abortion are no longer Catholic; they excommunicate themselves.

Our Salesian Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez, of Honduras, stated it well:
“We are talking about a person who has broken off a branch of the tree of life of the Church, a dry branch that has lost its vital sap and is doing something that is a lie. One who is against life and is clearly opposed to the message of Our Lord Jesus, as is an abortion supporter, cannot be in communion with Holy Mother the Church.”


Anonymous said...

At some point the time for instruction and warning becomes unduly prolonged, and this seems now to be the situation in the US. You are right. The american bishops need to take a united position: "If you support abortion by your vote, you are no longer a Catholic." It really is that simple. The problem is one of finding the necessary intestinal fortitude to take this simple action.

MMajor Fan said...

That is true.