Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moving On

As my pastorate ends on July 1 and as I move from San Francisco, I do so with a heavy heart, but I will have happy memories of the six years spent at SS Peter & Paul.

I have been blest with the friendship and love of so many in the parish and out of it. I have had the opportunity to hear from Catholics, and non Catholics not just in San Francisco but all over the world. I believe I have brought light and peace to many. I apologize for any I might have offended.

I have boldly supported our Holy Father and the magisterium of the Church and urged my fellow priests to do the same.

I grieve over the divisions in our Church, which I perceive as a concerted effort to democratize an institution which is not and can never be a democratic organization.

My prayer for San Francisco is that our schools and universities, and in particular our seminaries, adhere completely to the teachings of our Catholic faith. We will be blest with good priests when we deserve to have them!

I will do what I can to stem the tide of socialization of our country, which limits the freedom granted to us by our forefathers.

I will certainly not diminish my effort to support life from its conception to its natural end, and marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Pray for me as I take up new duties at the Salesian High School, Richmond, Calfornia, in the Diocese of Oakland.


Anonymous said...

Dear Father Malloy,
Your wonderful example as a priest is an inspiration to so many people, many of whom you will never know. The teens at Salesian high school in Richmond are blessed to have you there to provide guidance and friendship. As the mother of boys, two of them teens, I know how important a virtuous, good, KIND, brave example is to teens. They are all looking for heroes and examples and your willingness to stand up for the true values of the Church, on marriage and on life, are critical. Even more critical is that you always do it in loving kindness not harsh intolerance and that gives your integrity and outspokenness tremendous credibility. I believe examples like yours and like Father Reyes at St. Anne of the Sunset in S.F., are crucial to young men keeping their faith and perhaps even becoming priests.
God bless you and please continue, as you do, to pray for all of us struggling to live our faith and raise our children in this time.

Anonymous said...

A true "Son of Don Bosco"!

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,
I deeply appreciate your witness and wish you all of God's graces in your new assignment.

Anonymous said...


I've only met you here just a short time ago and I realize its was a blessing for me, I can only imagine how many others have come before me. God works in many, many different ways.

Patrick said...

You are, of course, still going to blog, yes?

MMajor Fan said...

Dear Fr Malloy, congratulations on your faith and perseverance. I've heard of you and your good works though I've not yet visited the front line in SF. I think it's wonderful you will be serving at Salesian High School and I'm sure all will love you and learn from you.