Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Homosexualist Propaganda Drag Show at "Catholic" Santa Clara University

Apparently it is an annual thing. What is the purpose of such an event? An article in the Santa Clara, ("SCU's weekly undergraduate newspaper since 1922") about the 2007 version of the show, explains:

"Drag Show 2007 aims to provide more education,"
by Alexa Dijulio

"...The exhilaration that comes from viewing a show like this often is a product of Burke's mentioned shock-value, especially at a Jesuit university. Emory Lynch, senior out-going director of SCCAP and member of GASPED, wants to make sure that this shock acts as a means for breaking stereotypes down instead of reinforcing them.

Max Voltage, who is responsible for starting the Drag Show at Santa Clara, said to performers, "Take risks, push boundaries, challenge your audience. But also, find that line to walk, between risky art and oppressive crap," in an essay written for The Third National Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Ally Conference for Jesuit Colleges.

The conference, which was hosted at Santa Clara last summer, is held for Jesuit universities to facilitate discussion and action within the LGBTQ communities."

In plain English, Santa Clara University has become a re-education camp for normal Catholic kids.

The 2010 Santa Clara Drag Show took place on April 29. A Catholic who attended took video of the event, which can be found here . The author also has other videos of the event, including his analysis. We're happy to see he quotes at length from our article in the California Catholic Daily about the appointment of homosexualist activist Fr. Michael Zampelli as Rector of the Santa Clara Jesuit Community.

The first of his videos is below. Warning: it shows an extremely vulgar attack on chastity, but what is truly Satanic is that this is offered, by a "Catholic" university, as education. This is one of the reasons why same-sex attracted men should not be allowed into the priesthood. Even if they themselves are chaste, would they be chaste if they were not in the priesthood? And are they willing to encourage others with same-sex attraction, not priests, to chastity?

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