Friday, July 2, 2010

Senator Hatch to vote Against Kagan--Only Second Time he has Opposed SCOTUS Nominee

Good for him.

"Sen. Orrin Hatch said Friday he will vote against Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, marking only the second time in 34 years the Utah Republican has objected to a president’s pick for the high court.

Hatch said he is not convinced that Kagan wouldn’t become an “activist” justice and that she fails to meet the standard to which he’s held previous nominees."

Of course she is an "activist" judge. She's a liberal Democrat.

“Over nearly 25 years, [Solicitor] General Kagan has endorsed, and praised those who endorse, an activist judicial philosophy,” Hatch said in a statement. “I was surprised when she encouraged us at the hearing simply to discard or ignore certain parts of her record. I am unable to do that. I also cannot ignore disturbing situations in which it appears that her personal or political views drove her legal views.”

Let's hope to see his fellow Senators join him.

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