Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andy McCarthy Spanks King & Spaulding

They've asked for it, and they're getting it.

Mr. McCarthy points out what everybody knows: the Defense of Marriage Amendment is anything but unpopular.

"The high dudgeon about lawyers heroically taking on unpopular causes is malarkey. DOMA is unpopular only on the left — but that is enough to ensure that the lawyer Left won’t touch it.

Then he points out that King & Spaulding has no problem in embracing genuinely unpopular causes, anyway:

"But terrorists, murderers, illegal aliens, animal-rights activists, and global-warming alarmists? Count them in."

Then he echoes William Duncan of the National Organization for Marriage on counterfeit "marriage" advocates' willingness to overthrow society, if need be, in the pursuit of some chimerical "equality":

"Social justice is not about ensuring a fair process. It’s about achieving outcomes of which the Left approves, by any means necessary. You can tell what they’re for by what they volunteer to do and what they’re against by what they won’t go near."

Read the whole thing.

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