Friday, April 8, 2011

"You Don't go to Planned Parenthood to Get Your Blood Pressure Checked"

Senator Jon Kyl nails Senator Harry Reid this morning. From the Corner:

"Speaking on the Senate floor, Reid said he was 'very hopeful' that an agreement can be reached today, announcing a special Democratic caucus meeting at 1:00 p.m.. He then went off on a ridiculous diatribe about how Republicans 'want to shut the government down because they think there’s nothing more important than denying women cancer screenings,” claiming the disagreement had “nothing to do with abortion.' (!)

'They want me to sarifice my wife’s health, my daughter’s health and my nine granddaughters’ health,' he said. 'As a father, a husband and a grandfather I am personally offended.'

Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) offered a swift rebuttal: 'You don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood to get your blood pressure or cholesterol checked,' he said. 'If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood. That’s 90 percent of what they do.'

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