Monday, August 22, 2011

Florida Teacher Supports Marriage; School Suspends Him

"A central Florida teacher faces disciplinary action following reports that he posted comments blasting same-sex marriage on his personal Facebook page."--Washington Post.

Nobody should be surprised. When you embrace non-reality, as supporters of counterfeit "marriage" do, you have to do things like this. The embracing of non-reality engenders totalitarianism, because once you embrace non-reality you can never let truth, which challenges the non-reality, have a hearing. And since truth is everywhere, you end up having to censor or lie about everything.

A perfect example is given in an article in the Orlando Sentinel by a woman named Lauren Ritchie, which is subheaded "Jerry Buell, Mount Dora teacher of the year, posted on Facebook that homosexuals make him want to vomit."

Now, as a simple matter of fact Mr. Buell never said anything like that. It is a flat-out lie. It's good to see a number of the commentors on Ms. Ritchie's column called her on it. But, as we say, nobody should be surprised.

There is a Facebook page supporting Mr. Buell here.

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