Monday, August 22, 2011

Support Prop 8: Go To

On September 6, the California Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether anybody has standing to defend Proposition 8, passed by you, the voters, in 2008.

At last years trial, both the Governor and Attorney General of the state refused to do their jobs and defend the majority-passed initiative. They left the citizens of California in the lurch and so the citizens stepped up.

But behold: the enemies of marriage said the citizens did not have a right to defend their own case. That's what the CA Supreme Court will decide: whether the people have a right to defend their own laws or whether a special interest can override self-government in the state of California.

Of course, the special interest has the money--that's what makes them special.

But YOU can help. Go to and make a donation to help preserve marriage in the state of California!

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