Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bishp Soto: Let the Church say AMEN!

Good Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento has moved to prevent parishioners dollars going to support an organization whose leader publicly supports positions in violation of non-negotiable Church teaching.

Catholic World News reports:

"The Diocese of Sacramento will no longer donate funds to Francis House Center, an agency that assists the homeless, because its new director is a Methodist minister who supports legalized abortion and same-sex marriage."

The mainstream media's "go-to guy" when a faux-Catholic opinion is wanted, Fr. Thomas Reese, ex-editor of America magazine, offered this strange and naive comment:

“If the bishops are going to defund every organization headed by someone who disagrees with their views on gay marriage, birth control and abortion, they are going to find very few agencies to fund."

Photo courtesy Sacramento Bee.

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