Friday, February 7, 2014

Catholic Schools Standing With Catholic Church

Good news via the Cardinal Newman Society:

"Fired for same-sex marriage! Fired for scandal!

The recent spate of firings and forced resignations in Catholic schools has people talking. Just this week, we reported on a Montana teacher who revealed her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and a Massachusetts man whose same-sex marriage was discovered after he was offered a Catholic school position. Both lost their jobs.

What's going on with Catholic schools?

The answer is: nothing new, really, except for a dose of courage and admirable integrity...."

As counterfeit marriage supporter John Corvino said in his debate with Maggie Gallagher: “Whichever side prevails in this debate, the other’s views will be marginalized. There’s no getting around that."

It's good to see Church leaders demand adherence to Church teaching in our own institutions. I expect, as Professor Corvino said, to see much more of this.

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