Sunday, February 9, 2014

Europeans Continue Massive Demonstrations in Support of the Family!

The "Manif pour tous" began in France, against the imposition of same-sex "marriage" on the culture, but it is arising in other counties as well--and not only in Europe! On February 2 there were enormous demonstrations in support of the family in Paris and Lyon in France, amd also in Rome. French Police said there were 80,000 at the Paris Manif, so you know there were far more. Check out the photos below! You did not see that in the U.S. News, did you? According to Galliawatch, the proximate cause was the latest anti-family legislation, which the government has now modified.

The Galliawatch author translates an article posted on Le salon Beige:

"From the tsunami of articles and commentary on the astounding capitulation of the French government to the irresistible counter-revolutionary movement in the streets of Paris and France I am hastily translating only this excerpt from a longer piece at Le Salon Beige. Written by a blogger named Autheuil, about whom I know very little, except that he identifies neither with the left nor the right, and therefore at times sounds uncommitted and indecisive, it nonetheless contains some good points that stress the potential consequences of the government's sudden change of direction. Note that the figure of 80,000 is highly debatable and proves that the author has confidence in police statistics (organizers placed attendance at the Paris Manif as closer to 500,000) :

"I(t) didn't take twenty-four hours for the government to beat a retreat. After the success of another demonstration by the reactionary right (after all, 80,000 persons), the government announced the postponement of a law that should have already been submitted. It renounced also the commitment it had made in January 2013 to insert into the body of the law on the Family the question of medically assisted procreation, which is probably now a dead issue. After such a backing-off, it isn't even worth the effort to hope for the slightest societal reform before the end of his term in office…That the movement is still able, one year after the great demonstrations against "marriage for everyone", to mobilize 80,000 thanks to a threat as unlikely as "gender theory", is an important sign. The reactionary right is back in France, and it isn't an epiphenomenon, it's a groundswell, begun no doubt years ago, that will last a little while longer....This movement is a violent opposition to the eradication of the difference between genders in Western culture. It is the anthropological protest in favor of maintaining a social structure based on the difference between masculine and feminine, implying differentiated roles, hence a different place for men and women.

Here are some pictures (click for larger sizes). The man in the foreground is the Italian Luca Volonte, former chair of Communion and Liberation, and now Group Chairman of the Popular Christian-Democrats to the Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Here is an excerpt of a speech he gave at Lyon (Google translation):

"No, the family is the fundamental unit that strengthens the pact between generations, which creates social cohesion and raise the future. Not all of us and all the children in the history of mankind had the right to have a father and a mother!

Our 'no' always come from more 'yes', the huge positive family for us, for our families, for our children, for the history and civilization of the world. This is our happy family experience that opposes the new tyranny and slavery of "atheistic humanism" described by (Cardinal Henri) De Lubac."

Another shot of the Paris Manif:

The shot below is in the French city of Lyon:

Polish demonstrators at the Lyon Manif:

Young people showing support for the family:

In Rome, pro family supporters lit up the Coliseum:

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