Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rest In Peace!

Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler, Salesian, died yesterday in the Vatican.
He was 97, and was made a bishop in 1983. He was Vatican Librarian.

I had the good fortune to have him as my professor of Canon Law when he taught at the Salesian University in Turin, Italy, which takes us back to 1946-50, before he moved to the Vatican.

He was chosen as a Cardinal in 1985.

I considered him a beloved professor and good friend and visited him several times at the Vatican, and accompanied him on one of his California trips, when he brought some art from the Vatican library for a local exhibition.

Pray for his happy repose.

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Roman Catholic said...

Thank you for your note, Father; I did not know that Cardinal Stickler was a Salesian. How fortunate you were to have him as a Professor and friend.

He has long been a stalwart supporter of the Traditional Latin Mass, which is how I am acquainted with his work.

May he rest in God's eternal peace.