Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catholic Charities...

...honors the Culture of Death.

Last night, Catholic Charities of San Francisco chose to honor George M. Marcus and the Levi Strauss, Inc. for their philanthropy. The Chairman of the Board of Catholic Charities CYO, Archbishop George Niederauer, was in attendance, despite pleas from many Catholics to either find new honorees or to boycott the function. In case you don't know the details, and to see why this is so outrageous, go here. Scroll to the entry for "April 11."

I don't think it can be said much better than by our friend Quintero down at "LA Catholic." He absolutely nails it:

"So when we think of all the San Francisco swells and nabobs banqueting and congratulating each other on "helping the children," we will also be thinking of all the dead children who are figuratively lying at the doorstep of the posh hotel, just as poor Lazarus lay outside Dives' doorstep in Jesus' parable (St. Luke 16).

True Lazaruses are the aborted babies, abandoned, unclothed, covered with wounds, helpless -- and despised and ignored by the rich and powerful."

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Roman Catholic said...

The second collection in parishes on Sunday, April 13th, was for CCCYO. A blue envelope was available in the pews, and there may still be envelopes in church vestibules etc.

Also, the April 11th issue of Catholic San Francisco, sent to every Catholic household in the Archdiocese, included a blue envelope asking for your support for CCCYO. It's hard to miss as it's tucked into a two-page bright blue ad.

Concerned Catholics may want to use these envelopes to send a message to CCCYO expressing their outrage at the scandal the organization has become, and indicating that their donations will be sent to an organization that doesn't slap Catholic values in the face.

Aida Cordano
San Francisco

Anonymous said...

This guy wrote a letter to authorities of Orange County in 1986 asking that the 26 clergy should be let off charges of molestation because they were "horsing around"

very sick people