Monday, May 19, 2008

Tyranny of Men

Tom Amadeo’s response to an article in the California Catholic Daily News posted Sunday, May 18, 2008.

Is it not obvious that the California Supreme Court has assumed the right to force the Constitution to mean whatever the judges want it to mean? Was not this, in principle, what the U.S.Supreme Court did on the issue of abortion? The big lie is that we are a "nation of laws", while in reality we are a lawless pseudo-republic, ruled by powerful individuals called judges. I can call us a lawless pseudo-republic because when those who are assigned to protect and enforce the law, break the law then there is no law! Why have any Constitution at all? The courts have determined that it is not only their prerogative to intrepret the law, but to change the definitions of the very terms of the written law they have sworn to uphold! This is not the rule of law---it is the tyranny of men. The courts have marginalized the rights of the population to define the meaning of the terms of its laws. And soon that population will do with the Constitution, exactly that which the courts do now: they will use the Constitution as toilet tissue.

Well said, Tom, I could not agree more.

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