Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The truth is that he is simply correct"

Dr. Laura Schlessinger comments on the Holy Father's statement on condoms. In her article at "The Pope, the Rabbi, and Condoms" at the Catholic Education Resource Center, she tells this story:

"I remember listening to a rabbi describing a situation that occurred to his kosher family. His 7 year old child was invited to a birthday party for a classmate at one of those fast-food hamburger establishments. When he came to pick up his child at the end of the party, one of the mothers -- clearly annoyed -- chastised him for the pain he caused his son. 'All the children had hamburgers, chicken nuggets, french fries and dessert, and your little boy had to sit there and eat none of it. Imagine how terrible your son must have felt? How could you do this to him? Food is food. There is nothing sinful about food. What you are doing to him is just cruel.' Just about at the end of her tirade, his son bounded up to him, gave him a huge hug around the waist, and said 'I had a great time. This was a fun party.'

The woman blanched and walked away. The rabbi followed her and gently told her the following:

'Animals will eat whatever is around, even if it will make them unhealthy. Humans are to rise above animals and become masters of their urges. Imagine my son in a dorm room where harmful illicit drugs are being passed about. We already know that peer pressure and urges will not force him to relent and give in to the impulse. Learning at his early age to control impulse and desire is not a harmful trait -- many times, it might be a life-saving one. Look at him. He enjoyed the company of your son and the rest of the children without giving up his values. He looks happy and satisfied. We really need to bring up our children to be masters of their instincts, not slaves to them, don't you think?'"

Dr. Laura closes with this observation:

"The naysayers all have one thing in common: they refuse to want, believe or accept that human beings can commit to a higher spiritual state of thought and behavior. The Pope believes in us more than that.

I am not Catholic, so this is no knee-jerk defense of my spiritual leader. The truth is that he is simply correct and too many people don't want to hear it, because they want to live lives unfettered by rules. It is sad that they don't realize that this makes them a slave to animal impulse versus a master of human potential."

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Anonymous said...

This is a great way to explain it! Good for Dr Laura. Someone once said at a conference I attended: "We are not a step above the animals; we are a step below the angels." The Pope believes our potential and kudos to him for spelling it out clearly.