Monday, January 24, 2011

Bishop Robert Vasa to Santa Rosa!

Bishop Robert Vasa, 59, has been named co-adjutor bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, immedietely to the north of us. This is good news.

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports:

"Bishop Robert F. Vasa has been named to succeed Bishop Daniel F. Walsh as head of the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Pope Benedict XVI made the appointment, making Vasa, 59, in line to become the sixth bishop of Santa Rosa. Vasa has been the bishop in Baker, Oregon since 2000.

“I am really delighted with the appointment,” Walsh said at a press conference Monday morning at the Santa Rosa chancery."

The diocese of Santa Rosa is geographically enormous--11,711 square miles with 170,000 Catholics. His Excellency is well known as an uncompromising defender of life and the Catholic faith. KTZV in Bend, Oregon reports:

“In more than a decade as spiritual leader of central and eastern Oregon’s Catholics, Bishop Vasa has gained a national following for efforts to uphold Catholic teaching in the face of what he considered threats and laxity from inside and outside the church,” the Sentinel reported.

“He had lay ministers sign an oath of fidelity of Catholic teaching and erased the Catholic identity of a Bend hospital where doctors performed sterilizations,” the newspaper said. “He criticized pro-choice Catholic politicians and once warned against a group of ‘schismatics’ that denied the Second Vatican Council.”

Deacon Keith Fournier writes in Catholic Online:

"He also does not back down from exposing infidelity in Catholic institutions under his Episcopal oversight. Last year he removed sponsorship of St. Charles Medical Center-Bend when the hospital refused to follow Catholic teaching on sterilization. He wrote, 'It is my responsibility to ensure the hospital is following Catholic principles both in name and in fact. It would be misleading for me to allow St. Charles Bend to be acknowledged as Catholic in name while I am certain that some important tenets of the Ethical and Religious Directives are no longer being observed.'"

Jim Graves has a very informative interview with His Excellency in the Catholic World Report.

Very good news on this Pro-Life weekend!

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Anonymous said...

As a Santa Rosa catholic and former employee of the diocese there's no way in hell I will support this bishop. No more donations from me until he's gone. The church needs to get with the times - it is slowly dying and it is getting what it deserves. Santa Rosa is very liberal and there will be financial consequences to the diocese with him at the helm. People here are not happy.