Monday, October 3, 2011

Great News From England: Catholic Procession in Manchester!

From Catholic News Agency:

Marian procession in Manchester ends 20 year drought
By Estefania Aguirre

"After a 20 year absence, the first official Catholic procession returned to the English city of Manchester on Oct. 2.

'I had tears in my eyes when they lifted Our Lady and it all began,' 75-year-old Mary Patricia Fehily said. 'I was walking in the love of Jesus and Mary.'

Fehily, from the city of Hale, is one of the many who were reminded of processions from her childhood years.

'It brings back so many memories of my youth because in Ireland we used to process three times a year. Hopefully this will make people think of our Creator.'

The crowd of Catholics was estimated at 1,000 people, who took to the streets of Manchester’s predominantly Muslim neighbourhood of Rusholme. Security was provided by Catholic police personnel who volunteered their services....The Marian Community of Reconciliation and the Christian Life Movement, organizers of the event, said they had expected half the turnout.

Inspector Damian O' Reilly of Greater Manchester Police said: 'It's been fantastic. I remember the old days and it's nice to get something going again and show that we're proud of our faith.

'This is just going to get bigger and bigger. This year we've had 1,000 participants, but next year we'll have 5,000,' he said."

Very nice!

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