Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diocese of Davenport Caves to Homoactivists; Michael Voris Calls Them Out

Let's let New Ways Ministry; the anti-Catholic homosexual activists, tell us what it means:

"The Diocese of Davenport has reached an agreement with the Eychaner Foundation about the presentation of a $40, 000 college scholarship to a gay student graduating from a Catholic high school in Clinton, Iowa. News erupted last week about the dispute because Davenport’s Bishop Martin Amos originally would not permit a Foundation representative to present the scholarship to graduate Keaton Fuller at Prince of Peace High School’s commencement exercises because of the organization’s support for marriage equality.

The earlier decision, it had been stated, was based on a diocesan policy does not allow speakers whose views conflict with Catholic teaching to make addresses in Catholic institutions. In a Des Moines Register news story, the diocesan spokesperson offered the following explanation:

“But upon further review, diocesan spokesperson David Montgomery said there has been no alteration of policy and that the issue became what did ‘presenting’ an award really means.

‘We meant to say “speaking”,’ Montgomery said.”

Quite frankly, that explanation is weak."

For once we agree with New Ways Ministry. What an idiotic and craven cop-out.

And here's someone with whom we quite often agree, telling us what this cop-out really means: the abandonment of souls. Watch it all. Michael Voris at his best.


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