Friday, August 23, 2013

Bibles Out but Drag Queens OK at US Air Force Bases

We'd barely finished our last post on the marginalization of normalcy in the United States when we saw this story at LifeSiteNews about drag queens performing at a United States Airforce base. LSN picked up the story from Fox News. Here's part of the LSN story:

"Jewels and the Brunchettes, a drag queen group of entertainers, were invited to perform at the Los Angeles Air Force Base on August 8 as part of a “Diversity Day” celebration, according to Fox News....'Drag acts to this day represent the struggle for freedom and equality of the LGBT community, while at the same time providing a deep-rooted historical form of entertainment for the LGBT culture,' said Peggy Hodge, a spokeswoman for the Air Force Office of Public Affairs, according to Fox News

'Drag queen acts are historically one of the main forms of entertainment in the LGBT culture, having its roots in the earliest of days of the gay rights movement,' Hodge said in the statement.

Public sado-masochism  is also one of the main forms of entertainment in the LGBT  "culture" Miss Hodges. I guess we can look forward to that on US Air Bases, too. It would be discriminatory not to allow it! At least one airman was rightly offended, and looking at all the empty seats, he wasn't the only one:

An airman, who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity, said the drag queen performance was offensive and was inappropriate on a military base.

'I am really surprised that this happened on a military installation,' he said. 'I get that people want to be able to have committed relationships with members of the same sex, but this crossed the line.'

The airman said it was ironic that the Air Force is cracking down on Christians being able to openly share their faith, but they would allow men dressed in drag to display themselves on the base.

'We can't even have Bibles on our desks,' he said. 'This base is not a platform for political agendas. It is a military installation. The [Diversity Day] display was totally inappropriate and offensive.'"

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