Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Supporting Archbishop Cordileone at tonight's anti-Catholic protest

Photo: Mike Koozmin, SF Examiner.
Thanks, Mike, but I'm praying in SUPPORT of the Archbishop
and real Catholic Education, not against him!
I went to the plaza in front of St. Mary's Cathedral tonight while the protest against Archbishop Cordileone's initiative to re-Catholicize Archdiocesan high schools was taking place. While the protesters posed for the cameras and encouraged passing motorists to honk their horns, I knelt on the hard stones for about 90 minutes praying the Rosary for our great Archbishop. You know Our Lady loves him!

One of the recent California Catholic Daily articles about the protests was headlined "Gays herd high schoolers to St. Mary's" and boy, were they being herded tonight. While I was praying someone with a megaphone announced (I don't claim this is verbatim--I was praying, not taking notes, but it is accurate) something like "the 6:00 news is here...we need signs for photos over here" and then, a little later "OK, now, we need signs over here."

Nothing's real with these guys--only how it looks. Counterfeit marriage, counterfeit "genders," deliberate misunderstanding of Pope Francis, counterfeits all the way down.

Anyway, I had a great time praying for His Excellency. The Good Lord knew what he was doing when he sent ABC to the city of St. Francis! What a blessing!

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