Monday, April 13, 2015

Nice! Pizzeria that Defended Marriage Re-opens--$842,000 Richer

The American people repudiate the twisted elites and stand by marriage. Faithful Americans donated $842,000 (!) to the O'Connor's, owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana.

From FoxNews:
A northern Indiana pizzeria that closed after its owner supported Indiana's religious objections law has reopened.

Memories Pizza owner Kevin O'Connor says he reopened about 4 p.m. Thursday. He says that within an hour, all eight tables were filled and six people were waiting for carryout orders. There were no protests as of 7 p.m.

O'Connor faced criticism after he and his daughter, Crystal, said they would never deny service to a gay customer but would decline to cater a same-sex wedding because it would conflict with their Christian beliefs. Protests led them to close the Walkerton pizzeria about 20 miles southwest of South Bend.

O'Connor says he'll use some of his share of more than $842,000 raised online to make improvements. He also plans to donate to charity.
Nice to see!

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