Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Is this the end of Women's Sports? Results of "transgender" activism

Today, LifeSiteNews (among others) reports that in next week's Boston Marathon men will be allowed to compete as women. Should prove instructive. The GenderTrender website has a long list of men who declare themselves women, and then, unsurprisingly,  go on to dominate women's sports.

Just one example: How does a 53 year old become the leading scorer and rebounder on a college basketball team? Easy: just be a man and claim you’re a woman! 

In 2013, ESPN profiled Robert Ludwig, a 52 year-old man playing on a woman’s College basketball team. How obtuse the ESPN writer is is illustrated by first reading paragraph 27:

“What some of the nastier adversaries seemed to dwell on when Ludwig first began playing was the notion that she somehow had an unfair advantage against her opponents, but even at 6-6 that was not the case both because of female hormones reducing her muscle mass as well as the unavoidable fact that she is 52.”

Then rereading it armed with the additional information from paragraph 39: 

“’She's the leading scorer and rebounder, and this team is somewhat built around her,’ (Coach Corey) Cafferata said.”

Emphasis added.

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