Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alameda Parents Stand Against Indoctrination

From a May 16 article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Uproar in Alameda over lessons about gays"

"Alameda school officials had high hopes the new elementary school curriculum would teach respect and help reduce bullying related to gay and lesbian individuals and families.

So they created lesson plans that talked about teasing and explained the different definitions of family - even throwing in the true story of Roy and Silo, two same-sex penguins in New York.

That's when the firestorm hit."

Under the guise of reducing bullying, the true agenda is the ongoing war against the family. Alameda parents quickly realized this:

"Much of the curriculum deals with what it means to be a family..."

To see what this means, browse the lesson plans for K-5 students, which are posted on the Alameda Unified School District website.

One example: the"required book" for first graders is "Who's in a Family?" by Robert Skutch. The editorial review from the School Library Journal describes the book:

"Kindergarten-Grade 2--Simple declarative statements move readers from one family configuration to the next, from single children to single parents to same-sex couples."

Lesson plans for other grades include: second grade: "And Tango Makes Three"; third grade: "Becoming an Ally." The fifth grade lesson includes a description of 10 famous homosexual/"transgendered" persons.

According to the Chronicle's article "hundreds of parents" attended a meeting on Tuesday, May 12 to make their voices heard. The crowd was so large that the school district scheduled a second meeting on Monday, May 18. Today's California Catholic Daily covered the follow-up meeting:

"Concerned parents began arriving well over an hour before the meeting started, hoping that, unlike last week's meeting, they would be able to find a seat. Moving the meeting to the much larger venue accommodated the hundreds of Alameda citizens passionate about this controversial proposal.

The only speakers allowed during the carryover meeting were citizens who had attended last week's meeting but were turned away by the fire marshal due to the enormous crowd. The meeting lasted five hours, during which citizens addressed the school board about their concerns over teaching the homosexuality-promoting school course. Over 90% of the speakers were in opposition to the curriculum.

Every one of the speakers was courteous and presented well-reasoned, articulate opposition. However, proponents of the curriculum didn't practice what they preach. Hecklers repeatedly booed and hissed when parents and students rose to express their opposition. During her presentation, one young lady was charged by a man angry that he was not permitted to address the audience about his support for the gay schoolwork. Other men in the audience had to defend her from the attacker and forcibly remove him...

The few speakers in favor of the curriculum repeatedly stated that the proposed course is 'just a start' and 'the first step' in teaching equality in classrooms. Only a handful of these supporters addressed bullying; instead they pleaded with the board to implement the curriculum to teach other children about their homosexual families. Some even told the board that no parental opt-out should be allowed because the children of the curriculum opponents needed the instruction even more." (emphasis added)

We've covered the indoctrination programs already being implemented in the San Francisco Unified School District here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it's important to teach kids that bullying is wrong, regardless of who is being bullied. It's not the kid's fault that he has been adopted by two "mommies", or that his "parents" are Steve and Frank. I myself was raised by a single mother who had an illegitimate son, my brother, and who liked to date married men. I was bullied mercilessly by other kids, many of whom specifically targeted my mother. My school did nothing about it and they were wrong. The problem is that while my school should have taught that bullying is wrong, they would obviously have been wrong to approve my mother's lifestyle, or to even explain it to the other kids. The gay activists are using bullying, which is wrong, as an excuse to push their agenda on these kids. The two really don't have a connection.