Friday, June 8, 2012

Rally For Religious Liberty TODAY!

Today, in 150 cities around the country, at 12 noon local time, American's will show their support for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Religious Freedom.

The San Francisco rally will be held in the plaza of the San Francisco Federal Building at 90 7th Street. 

Speakers include Vicki Evans from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Eva Muntean from the Walk for Life West Coast. This is the greatest battle for religious freedom in the history of the United States. That not one of San Francisco's bishops will attend is disgraceful. That the Supreme Court will throw out Obamacare (what if they don't?) is no excuse for staying away. 

"I’ve got all sorts of reasons to not attend that Rally for Religious Freedom tomorrow in Philadelphia.

1) I’ve got five kids and I’d have to get them out of school early.

2) Philadelphia is about an hour away.

3) It’s finals week and my kids have to study.

4) My three oldest girls have a softball game that night. And I’m the coach.

5) What does it really accomplish because the media’s not going to cover it anyway?

6) I’m still a little ticked that the Archdiocese is closing down my children’s school.

I’ve got many more reasons for not attending the rally tomorrow. And some of them are pretty darn good reasons.

But you know what – I’m going to attend the rally anyway, along with my five kids because I know that if we don’t win this fight, religious liberty in this country will become empty words on a page written over 200 years ago...."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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