Monday, June 4, 2012

SB 1172: More Homosexual Totalitarianism in California

From Catholic News Agency:

"California's senate has approved a bill restricting the therapeutic treatment of homosexuality in minors. Critics say the measure fails to respect scientific standards, as well as personal and family rights.

Dr. Christopher Rosik, president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), said the largely partisan May 30 vote represented a “triumph of political activism over objective science.”

Approved by a 23-13 margin, Senate Bill 1172 now awaits consideration by the state assembly....

Although softened in some respects, amid criticism over issues of religious and personal freedom, the bill still contains its most controversial provision: It would ban those under 18 from receiving therapy or counseling for same-sex attraction, regardless of their wishes or the decision of their parents"

The  editors of the L. A Times, which opposes the bill, said:

“Legislators have no special insights into psychiatry, nor are they elected for their abilities as parents,” the editorial stated. “Frankly, it's worrisome to have them stepping in to tell therapists what they may or may not say or do to treat patients.”

One wonders if the Times is lying or just naive. The Times supports counterfeit "marriage," which is the creation of a false reality. Once you start creating false reality (or lie), as we have argued many times before, you have to keep creating other false realities (telling more lies) to prevent the original lie from being exposed.  That's the essence of totalitarianism. SB 1172 shows that the state Senate, doing the bidding of homosexual activists, does not want anyone even exposed to the idea that same-sex attraction is an experience which some people would just as soon not have.

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