Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Immoral Research vs. Good Science

Many times in the Saints Peter and Paul Church Bulletin, under Fr. Malloy's direction, we asked the question: "Are California voters having second thoughts about allocating $3billion+ for immoral, embryo destroying stem-cell research, while adult and cord blood stem cells are curing things right and left?" But we have to keep asking, because the mainstream media, at least in California, with its anti-life bias, refuses to cover the tremendous work being done with cord-blood and adult stem cells.

Today's story, even the MSM couldn't avoid. It was covered in the Globe and Mail , The Canadian Press , the Washington Post, & Scientific American:

"It is an idea that may make many men cross their legs. But researchers in the United States say stem cells harvested from a man's testicles could one day be used to repair his damaged heart, kidneys or even his brain.

The scientists have found a way to easily identify stem cells in the testicles of adult mice, and to coax them to become brain cells, muscle cells, heart cells, blood cells and even blood vessels. The next step is to see if they can do the same thing in humans.

The procedure would involve removing a small piece of testicle – about the same amount used for a biopsy." (Globe and Mail)

"The first thing that was the most exciting was that in vitro (in lab dishes) even, we've seen these cells become what's very clearly heart tissue because it contracts rhythmically," Seandel said Wednesday from New York. "That's one type of tissue that you can't really miss." (Canadian Press)

Bravo to our good scientists, who work tirelessly to better the human condition, while maintaining high ethical standards. May God bless them in their work!

Posted by Gibbons Cooney

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