Monday, September 24, 2007

Mexico City Policy

Here’s message from PRI (Population Research Institute) that demands attention:

Pro-abortionists in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have voted to gut Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City Policy. The Mexico City Policy, as you probably know, is the 23-year old U.S. policy that forbids U.S. taxpayer support of any organization that performs or even promotes abortion.

House and Senate committees will now meet to settle their minor differences on this pro-abortion legislation. If – and probably when – the House and Senate agree on this pro-abortion bill, ONLY a Presidential veto can prevent this catastrophe for preborn babies.

So it’s critical that we immediately tell the President to veto this destruction of the pro-life Mexico City Policy if it reaches his desk!
Planned Parenthood’s brand new river of babies’ blood
Planned Parenthood’s worldwide killing machine stands to reap vast sums of U.S. aid from the destruction of our Mexico City Policy.

This bill allows massive U.S. taxpayer funding of worldwide condom and abortifacient distribution – U.S. tax money that will allow Planned Parenthood to free-up its existing funds for surgical abortions on a frightening scale.

Untold numbers of babies will die if America’s Mexico City Policy is gutted!
Only the beginning of the new “Slaughter of the Innocents”
As you read these words, pro-abortionists are giddy beyond belief at the prospect of finally crushing our pro-life Mexico City Policy.

NARAL Pro-Choice America brags that this legislation is just “. . . an important first step . . .” for “reproductive health services for women overseas.” That’s a slick way of saying “abortion on a scale beyond belief.” (“NARAL” stands for National Abortion Rights Action League.)
And since this is just the “first step” in the abortionists' new long-range plans . . .
We’ve got to stop them cold – NOW!

Here’s what we have to do right now . . .
First, we’ve got to FLOOD the White House with Petitions to Save America’s Pro-Life Mexico City Policy. We’ve got to tell the President that we expect him to hold true to his promise to veto all anti-life legislation that reaches his desk. We’ve got to hold his feet to the fire!

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