Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Truth Will Set You Free

The San Francisco Chronicle had a forum article yesterday (Pelosi Views in Synch with Most Catholics). The author's claim was that most Catholics were against the official teaching of the Church as far as abortion, married priests, marrriage as between a man and a woman, etc.

The author, Jon OBrien, and his organization Catholics for Choice is as anti Catholic as the pro choice abortionists whom he supports. To state that the Catholic Bishops “are erroneous in not reflecting the fullness of Catholic teaching on abortion” shows an ignorance of Catholic teaching that is unconscionable. True, “Catholic theology tells the individual to follow their personal (informed) conscience in moral matters.” True, “Catholic teaching requires tolerance and respect for other people’s decisions.”

Not true is the claim that “bishops continue their attempt to make reproductive rights the single national issue that Catholics should vote on.” Catholic bishops are very much concerned about social justice, healthcare, education, immigration, etc. not just abortion.

Jon O’Brien, Speaker Pelosi, Joe Biden as well as many others, who call themselves Catholic, have strayed far from the faith. Personal conscience is their guide, they say.

Does personal conscience excuse one from following the Magisterium of the Church? No. It’s wrong to follow personal conscience when the conscience is uninformed.

A primary teaching of the Catholic faith is that the believer must follow the Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. My personal conscience might be followed only when there is an invincible doubt about the truth of the doctrine. Catholics believe that the bishops in union with the Holy Father teach the truth. There is no ambiguity today about the sin of abortion. There is no ambiguity today about when life begins. To go back centuries as Nancy did in a recent interview and declare that early teachings did not declare when life begins (therefore abortion was not the killing of a human being) proves nothing. Such ignorance has now been dispelled by science—not religion—and to claim personal doubt as to life in the womb is insane.

You cannot believe in abortion and claim membership in the Catholic Church
It is not a matter of numbers or history.

The truth will set you free, and affirm the origin of life.

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