Sunday, May 17, 2009

"It's certainly the place for the bishop to be here"

Those are the words of Bishop John D'Arcy, the shepherd of Notre Dame, who joined students today in protesting the University's disgraceful honoring of Barack Obama. From the News-Sentinel:

"SOUTH BEND — Fort Wayne.

South Bend Diocese Bishop John M. D'Arcy helped to rally support against today's commencement speech at Notre Dame by President Barack Obama after saying he would boycott the appearance. However, D'Arcy had a change of heart, briefly speaking this afternoon before about 2,500 people protesting abortion and Obama, who supports abortion rights.

D'Arcy said he changed his mind because anti-abortion Notre Dame undergraduates inspired him Saturday night.

"It is certainly the place for the bishop to be here," D'Arcy said to applause. "John D'Arcy's not important, but the office of bishop is very important and it must always be like Pope John Paul II to stand up for life all the time, everywhere without exception."

God Bless the good bishop! He presents quite a contrast to the weasel words coming out of Notre Dame.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


JM said...

Obama is really adept at speaking out of both sides of his mouth, and thus appealing to a wide range of people who hear what they want to hear, and this speech was a great example of that. He repeated the Kmiec line about reducing the number of abortions instead of eliminating them. OK, so let’s assume he is amazingly successful at this, and reduces abortion by 50%. That’s still 600,000 infanticides each year. That’s horrible and tragic, and it’s wrong for pro-lifers to give in to that sort of compromise with human lives. Obama/Kmiec are right, though, that we need to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, but they will never admit the cause: a culture that has eliminated the procreative element of sexuality. People see sex as just a recreational activity, and not as an activity with consequences. Bring back obscenity laws, eliminate pornography, stop selling contraception at corner drug stores. Stop teaching school children that sexual fantasy and masturbation are healthy. Return to sexual morality and the concept of sexual responsibility will come back. Then you will see a real decline in the numbers of infants put to death.

Anonymous said...

God bless Bishop D'Arcy.

My reaction to the event: by their thunderous applause of their honoree, the crowd sent a message: all you abortion protesters are just a bunch of party poopers! This day is all about us --- me, me and me. And not about God almighty and His will.

Ann, Fort Wayne, IN said...

I attended the Mass and rally sponsored by the N.D. Response students on Sunday. You can't imagine how overwhelming it was to hear it announced that my Bishop, John M. D'Arcy, had been moved by the Holy Spirit to be with us that day. Thank you good Bishop.

I also wanted to say that at the Rally the N.D. Response students were showing the videos and their own N.D. Response video on a large screen. If you haven't seen the N.D. Response video, there is a point in it where very ominous music is played. At the very time that this music came through the speakers, Air Force One flew low and directly over all of us on Notre Dame's South Quad. We all looked up, struck by the timing. I don't believe in coincidence. God was making us aware of what was coming.