Monday, May 18, 2009

"Stones for Bread"--A School for Scandal

Professor McInerny comments on Notre Dame's disgraceful honoring of Barack Obama over at "The Catholic Thing" this morning:

"How did it come about that so many Catholics have such a mushy notion of what it means to be a Catholic? The teaching of the faith since the close of Vatican II in 1965 has been scandalously inadequate. In many cases it has been the deliberate substituting of stones for bread. It began with waffling on contraception when theologians, real or self-proclaimed, impudently rejected Humanae Vitae, one of the great encyclicals of modern times. The scandal of the encyclical was that it placed Catholics on one side of a line and the zeitgeist on the other. Yet dissent from it was allowed to flourish. Moral theology went into steep decline and the official body of Catholic theologians issued Human Sexual Morality in which doubt was cast on the long tradition of teaching on pre-marital and extra-marital sex, abortion, masturbation, homosexuality, divorce – a systematic dismantling of Catholic moral teaching...

...And so it was that on Sunday at Notre Dame faithful Catholics were regarded as dissenters."

Those covering the commencement have reported that when protestors objected to Obama's presence (an objection also made by the local ordinary, Bishop D'Arcy) they were drowned out by chants of "Yes, we can!" Faced with a choice between faithfulness to Catholic teaching and whatever it is that President Obama represents, the chanting Notre Dame graduates chose the latter. That is after at least four years of study at an ostensibly "Catholic" university. A school for scandal.

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