Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More on "Sister" Donna Quinn

Faithful Catholics have been rightly shocked and disgusted by the news that "Sister" Donna Quinn was encouraging women to abort their babies. She has been doing this for at least six years.

She should have been bounced long ago. There were many signs that she had separated herself from the Church. One example (there are more): On May 15, 2005, the Rainbow Sash Movement issued this press release (excerpts):

"On Pentecost Sunday, a Roman Catholic nun, a Catholic couple married 44 years, and a long time gay civil rights activist defied the Archbishop of Chicago's ban on giving Communion to members of the Catholic gay group the Rainbow Sash Movement.

Members of the Rainbow Sash Movement wear a rainbow sash during Mass signifying support for equal treatment of gay and lesbian people in Church and society....On Sunday, at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, the sash wearers approached the altar for Communion and were denied by associate pastor Rev. Ron Kunkel. The sash wearers then returned to their pew.

Dominican Sister Donna Quinn, director of the National Coalition of American Nuns, Joseph and Barbara Parot of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and long time Catholic gay rights activist Rick Garcia, also attended the Mass. After the sash wearers were denied, Sister Donna, the Parots and Garcia approached the altar and received Communion. To the surprise of some, including the sash wearers, the four then approached the sash-wearers and gave them a portion of their consecrated hosts

That's Quinn front row center, above,

Australian writer and lecturer John Heard, himself a same-sex attracted Catholic and author of the well known "Dreadnought" blog, commented at the time:

"DREADNOUGHT agrees with the Church's view that those wearing the Sash are putting themselves in a position of selfish disobedience to Church teaching and are therefore ineligible to receive communion. One doesn't approach the Lord of Life arrogantly, rather one should approach Him on one's knees, full of the knowledge of one's radical unworthiness before God...
It would be especially useful to explain that such actions serve to confuse homosexual Catholics and increase their anxiety. Servants of the Church should, rather, act in concert with the Magisterium to ensure homosexual Catholics are taught the truth in love."

The fact that she is still allowed to call herself a Dominican is a scandal, and an insult to the true followers of St. Dominic.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Unknown said...

I couldn't confirm the year, but that group picture is not at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral but at St. Paul Cathedral in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I recognize a couple of the usual Rainbow Sash suspects from around here in the group.

Anonymous said...

Way back in the Stone Age (late 50's), I had Sinsinewa Dominicans as my first teachers. It's sad to see what the Order has come to -- and by that I mean not just "Sister" Donna Quinn but also the Prioress that allows "Sister's" scandalous activities to continue.

Anonymous said...

I really believe there should be an announcement or a public press release of some sort from the Sinsinawa Dominican Mother Superior or one of the bishops involved, explaining what has happened to Donna Quinn as a result of these revelations. Ordinarily, a disciplinary case should be private to protect the dignity of the offender, but in this case, Quinn's actions were public and scandalous, and as such, the public needs to be informed about the way the Church has repsonded to her misconduct. Anything short of that confuses the faithful and makes the Church's pro-life work all the harder.