Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pro-life View

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reported on Thursday
that hree-in-ten Americans think that President Barack Obama will handle the abortion issue correctly, while four-in-ten are unaware of his position on the issue. About two-in-ten worry that Obama will go too far in supporting abortion rights

While popular support for abortion rights has dropped seven points in the past year due in part to the election of a pro-choice Democratic president,

Pew's findings square with a similar Gallup Values and Beliefs survey in May that showed more Americans consider themselves to be pro-life (51 percent) than pro-choice (42 percent). Pew researchers pinpointed the this past spring as the turning point of public perceptions of the issue.

"There is no one answer that explains the shift," Pew researcher Greg Mr. Smith said. "The election of a Democratic pro-choice president could be a contributing factor."

In a question about President Obama's handling of the issue, 42 percent said they didn't know his stance on abortion, "which is consistent with the decline of the importance of this issue for a lot of people," Mr. Smith said. Of the remainder, 29 percent said the president is handling the issue "about right," 19 percent worry he is supporting abortion too much, and 4 percent say he is not doing enough.

Ignorance of Obama's stand on abortion is unbelievable. Forty two percent "don't know."

We've got a lot of work to do to wake up this 42 percent.

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