Sunday, December 6, 2009

"New Jesuit Review"

A new Jesuit publication has just released its first issue. It's called, aptly enough, "The New Jesuit Review"

"The New Jesuit Review has as its goals the recovery of Jesuit spirituality from its authentic sources and reflection by contemporary Jesuits on its significance for their lives. The writings of St. Ignatius and the First Companions, the lives of Jesuit saints and martyrs, and classics of Jesuit spirituality are examined in the spirit of Perfectae Caritatis, the Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life of the Second Vatican Council:

It redounds to the good of the Church that institutes have their own particular characteristics and work. Therefore let their founders' spirit and special aims they set before them as well as their sound traditions -- all of which make up the patrimony of each institute -- be faithfully held in honor. (Perfectae Caritatis, 2)"

In addition to the articles, each issue of the NJR will feature excerpts from the Founding Documents of the Society, the works of St. Ignatius and other Jesuit saints, and classic works on Ignatian spirituality.

God bless 'em!

h/t Father Z.

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