Sunday, December 20, 2009

Obamacare, San Francisco Style

On December 16, the left-leaning SF Weekly ran a long story about the insanity of San Francisco government: "The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S."

It's well worth reading. Here's a short excerpt showing what happens when the government get's its hand on healthcare:

"Back in 1999, San Francisco voters were pitched a $299 million bond to "save" Laguna Honda Hospital as a 1,200-bed facility for the city's frail, elderly population. Who doesn't want to help the frail and elderly? A decade later, the Department of Public Works project is still incomplete, its price tag has swelled by nearly $200 million, and the hospital is slated to hold only 780 beds — so the city is going massively overbudget to construct a hospital only 65 percent as large as promised, which is four years behind schedule.

Amazingly, this gets worse. After securing the bond funding to save Laguna Honda as a hospital for the elderly, the Department of Public Health began transferring younger, often dangerous and mentally ill patients there and mixing them among the old people. This went about as well as you'd think: A 2006 state and federal licensing survey noted numerous instances of elder abuse, staff abuse, and patients toting drugs, alcohol, and even loaded weapons. One patient was assaulted four times in four months; to address this problem, staff erected signs reading 'No Hitting.'"


Maria said...

Heartbreaking. And we where are likely headed.

Anonymous said...

Are Church finances run any better? How can we tell? Where is the accounting?