Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Photos from the Paris "Marche Pour le Respect de la Vie"

Our friends Dolores Meehan and Cathleen Gilles sent us these photos from Paris:

Marching down one of the beautiful Parisian boulevards.

People as far as the eye can see.

There was even a banner for the sister Walks: San Francisco & Paris! It's just like the SF Walk: people of every race, age, & nationality, three different languages just in this picture.
Like Paul tells us today: there are many gifts but one spirit!

There's our dear friend Cathleen Gilles on the left. She's a burst of energy wherever she goes!

The good Fathers from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter were there.

The future of the pro-life movement: young people!

These kids are from Poland!

A couple of little Frenchmen. God bless 'em!

And let us never forgot those who have come before us.
Dolores Meehan said: "The energy of the young people was unreal and the old people were astounded and so moved - they too are the heros from the movement when no one would listen."

God bless her!
UPDATE: Here's some video from the Marche website that gives a good idea of the size of the crowd. And the Marche website had so much traffic the server crashed! That's a good sign, but pray for the poor webmaster!


Leila said...

Hey there. Just wondering, do you know if the mainstream media reported on this at all? Usually they just ignore things like this, which makes me mad to say the least. I searched all over Le but couldn't find anything about it.....

Cathleen said...

Greetings - so far the next day Paris paper provided at our hotel didn't have anything that I could find quickly.

Leila said...

Well in other news, I noticed today that there are pro-life stickers stuck all over the lamposts in Lille (Nord-Pas de Calais)! :)
This is a new thing too, I have never seen them before :D