Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pro-Life Hero Walter Hoye Speaks at Marin Catholic High School

A nice story from today's California Catholic Daily:

"I like how he linked abortion and slavery”
Rev. Walter Hoye gets warm reception at Marin Catholic High

"Marin Catholic, a college preparatory high school sponsored by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, invited Reverend Walter Hoye to speak to the faculty and student body on January 7, 2010. Rev. Hoye was welcomed to speak in the new Pope John Paul II Student Center by the President of Marin Catholic, Father Thomas A. Daly, who teaches Senior Apologetics to a class of 88. Prior to Rev. Hoye's talk, all students read a copy of the letter he wrote while he was in jail....

Ryan Mayer, Theology teacher, and leader of the Respect Life Club which marches every year in the Walk for Life stated, "Too often in the classroom, the abortion issue remains an 'academic exercise.' Rev. Hoye made it real by sharing his experiences. He walks the walk! We hope this will increase the turnout at the Walk for Life."

God Bless Fr. Daly for hosting Walter and Lori Hoye!

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Anonymous said...

But wait, Father! This is a Catholic High School! They should be having the Vagina Monologues in the Harvey Milk Student Center, not a pro-lifer in the JPII Student Center! What on earth is going on?!