Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Killer Physicians and Surgeons"

Harsh but true words from Bishop Doran of Rockford, Illinois. Full column published at LifeSiteNews:

"'In our devolving and decaying morally relativistic society, there are many people who regard the killing of a pre-born child as of no consequence whatever.'

The bishop's column, titled 'The practice of abortion in our country and city holds hidden dangers," addresses the danger of abortion "not only for its victims but also for its perpetrators and for societies that permit it, allow it and license it.'

'As with other forms of wrongful activity sanctioned or winked at by the government, procured abortion is for the killers and those who support them, immensely profitable,' the bishop says.

'Abortuaries are gold mines for their operators. Killer physicians and surgeons, distaining the Hippocratic Oath, travel hundreds of miles to assassinate a few children, and you may be sure that that kind of doctor or nurse does not work for nothing.'"

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