Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"What’s gone strange with America”

A message that all of our bishops should take to heart and proclaim as fearlessly as Archishop Chaput.

Christians’ cowardice prevents cultural renewal, Archbishop Chaput tells Catholic scholars. Christians’ lack of faith and cowardice are the primary obstacles to Christian culture at a time when unbelief is the spirit-destroying “state religion” of the modern world, Archbishop Charles Chaput has told a gathering of academics. He urged personal repentance and witness as the path to cultural renewal….

He told the scholars that their task is to strengthen their zeal in advancing the Gospel, their courage in struggling against sin, and their “candor in naming good and evil.” He advised them to use their God-given skills to strengthen this spirit in each other, their students, and their colleagues. “If you do only that, but do it well, then God will do the rest,” Archbishop Chaput declared.

Comparing American Catholics to the ancient Israelites who “forgot their faith because they weren’t taught,” he said that if Catholics no longer know their faith or their obligations, “we leaders, parents and teachers have no one to blame but ourselves.” ...
Baltimore, Md., Sep 26, 2010 (CNA/EWTN News)

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