Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AIDS & Homosexuality

The average age of a homosexual man dying with AIDS is 39. The average age of gays dying of all other causes is 41. (The average heterosexual married man lives 75 years.) Only one percent of men who practice homosexual sex lives to be 65 or older. Gay men are three times more likely to have alcohol or drug abuse problems. Homosexuals are 14 times more likely to have had syphilis, and 23 times more likely to contract venereal diseases


skeeton said...

Father, I would love to know your resource for these statistics. I am asked all the time about them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

FACT: Two studies recently presented (this year at the 17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections) showed that patients recently diagnosed with HIV will have normal or near-normal life expectancies. The first study, from the Dutch ATHENA Cohort, took a sample of 4612 patients, newly diagnosed between 1998 and 2007, and measured their death rate. For a patient diagnosed at the age of 25, their life expectancy came out on average that they would die at the age of 77.7. This was scarcely different from the life expectancy for 25 year olds in the general Dutch population which was 78.1 years. The second study involved a much bigger group of 80,642 patients from 30 European countries and was a study, not of the newly diagnosed, but of all patients in the group initiating treatment after 1998. It found that men who were not injecting drug users and who had a current CD4 count over 500 were no more likely to die during the follow-up period than their HIV-negative equivalents. Note that these are studies of men with HIV. There is NO STUDY ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH which accurately speaks for gay men in general because there is no way for researchers to identify who or how many there are in the general population. Instead, most studies allegedly about "gay men" are actually about subgroups of gay men, i.e. "convenience samples" made up of volunteers rounded up at VD clinics and such places, which have no validity with regard to gay men in general. For example, such samples do not tell us what percentage of men alive today age 65 or older have engaged in homosexual acts sometime in their lives. Most people age 65 and older are not going to VD clinics where the researchers are looking for volunteers.