Monday, December 27, 2010

What is the biggest liturgical abuse?

“The habit of sacrilegious reception”

(Editor’s Note: The following item was taken from the blog Stella Borealis, “a site for the exchange of information about the Catholic Church in Minnesota, neighboring states and provinces.” It addresses a problem, however, prevalent in many California parishes as well.)

The biggest abuse at almost every parish is the nearly 100% reception of Holy Communion by the congregation in parishes that have minuscule Confession opportunities and lines. ...

The requirement of being free from mortal sin should be announced by the celebrant immediately before Communion in every Mass for several years before the habit of sacrilegious reception can be minimized. [A similar announcement is generally given at Christmas and Easter Masses and at marriages and other events where large numbers of non-Catholics might be present.]

Ushers should cease guiding communicants “row by row” up to the front. Let them go up as they want, or don’t want. Then it won’t be so conspicuous if some don’t receive, putting an end to idle speculations as to which mortal sin one’s neighbor or pew-mate had committed.

Confession opportunities must then be increased for parishioners to more than just 30-60 minutes before the Saturday Vigil Mass.

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Anonymous said...

I examine my conscience before I receive, and I put the burden of proof on myself. Why take a chance receiving if I risk sacrilege? As for being conspicuous while sitting out Communion--it used to make me uncomfortable, but now I don't worry about it. After all, someone who sits out Communion because he not in the right state bears witness to the Real Presence just as much as someone who receives the Body of Christ reverently.