Monday, June 20, 2011

"As Bad As Any We Have Seen" ACTION ALERT On Calfornia SB 48

Here's a letter from our friend Bill May at Catholics for the Common Good on the latest California legislation attempting to normalize homosexual behavior.

SB 48 Hearing Wednesday, June 22
Assembly Education Committee
"Not permissible for anyone to remain idle"

When Pope John Paul II wrote the phrase quoted above in 1988, he could not have imagined SB 48, a bill that would change California textbooks and curriculum to bring the sexuality of gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people to the attention of all students K-12 in social studies classes. This bill is so bad, that even the LA Times has editorialized against it. SB 48 will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, June 22 at 1:30 PM -- the final step before going to the Assembly floor and to the Governor for signature.

This bill is as bad as any we have seen.

The hearing came up on short notice. As of yesterday, the bill had not even been posted on the Assembly Education Committee’s online agenda. School board members and taxpayer groups that should be concerned with this bill are distracted by budget negotiations. The bill has budgetary consequences, but, on a technicality, legislative leaders have been able to hide them and avoided any scrutiny by fiscal committees. It is presented as an anti-bullying bill, but it is clear it has nothing to do with bullying. It will sexualize California students starting in Kindergarten and contribute to the effort to redefine sexuality, marriage, and family in the minds of children. It is geared to help them identify their parents as old-fashioned at best, more likely as hateful bigots, unless they conform to the radical agenda to redefine marriage.

See the far-reaching consequences of SB 48 in our extensive analysis. We have also included a link to the letter that CCG sent to the Assembly Education Committee yesterday asking them to vote against the bill. You must take the time to understand this bill and share the information with friends and family members.


We have outlined specific, easy to take action on the website that includes contacting members of the Education Committee, particularly if you live in their districts, and sharing the action page on Facebook and through other social media. It is urgent that we spread the word as quickly as possible on this. Please take action immediately.

We also suggest that people within driving range of Sacramento come to the SB 48 hearing and respectfully state your opposition and indicate any group that you might be able to represent. As we have done on a few prior bills, we can gather at 12:30 in the cafeteria in the basement of the Capitol. It will be good to meet you.

The committee is likely to pass the bill. This hearing is critical because it is the last chance for providing testimony and getting expressions of opposition into the record. Please act on this right away.

Please offer prayers for the members of the committee and the respectful advocacy of concerned people from all over California.

For the Common Good,

Bill May
Chairman, Catholics for the Common Good

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