Friday, June 10, 2011

SF Chronicle Covers Fr. Myers Case, Notes Significant Fact "Catholic San Francisco" Ignores

On Wednesday we noted an bizzare omission in the Catholic San Francisco article covering the Fr. William Myers story. Police were called when the pastor of St. Raymond's church in Menlo Park followed a 17 year-old boy into the dressing room at San Francisco's Ross department store. In their 583-word story CSF did not once mention that Fr. Myers had "sexual identity" isues--an obviously significant fact that was mentioned in every single other article covering the case.

Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle covered the story, and in their short 131-word story managed to make their readers aware of Fr. Myers' "sexual identity" issue.

In their coverage, KTVU News quoted St. Raymond's parishioner Mr. Fred Tiso asking the obvious question: "You can't have someone who's struggling with sexual identity. What's that mean?" And a commentor to the San Francisco Chronicle story, using the handle "arnoldsbicep," had the obvious answer: "after admitting to problems with his 'sexual identity.' In other words, he's gay."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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Anonymous said...

An another important fact they left out was that Father William Myers of St. Raymond School and Parish admitted that he has a sexual addiction. I am really disappointed that they left these important details out. They should be posting his photo so that possible victim can seek help.