Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Illinois Lied About Civil Unions Law--A lesson for Other States"

Jack Smith is on the case.

"When a bill creating civil unions in Illinois was signed by Governor Pat Quinn in January, sponsors and activists for the law agreed that its provisions would not affect religious social service or adoption agencies. Now, quite predictably, it has. Today, the AP reports that Governor Quinn has determined the State of Illinois can no longer contract with Catholic Charities for adoption and foster care services because the charities don’t comply with the Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act.

The reason for “religious freedom” preceding “civil union” in the title of the law now appears to have been entirely cosmetic. Opponents of the bill charged that creating civil unions would impinge on religious freedom. The bill’s proponents went out of their way to say it would not – in order to get it passed.

But as Jack says, this was all quite predictable. Incredibly, CatholicCulture.org quotes an attorney representing Catholic Charities as saying "It's a surprise." Counselor, you have not been paying attention.

Jack concludes by saying:

"It is far safer not to consider civil unions at all."

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